When Credit Card Debts Are Under $10,000 Is Debt Relief Help Available

Published: 04th May 2010
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Most debt relief companies require a minimum debt of $10,000 to act for you, some may come down to $5000 depending on the debt, and a rare one will work on a debt settlement from $2500.

For a reputable company to negotiate debt settlement from $2500 up they will most likely require the debt is spread over a minimum of 2 accounts and will negotiate for you debt relief in the 30% to 60% range, depending on the age and type of debt.

The debts need to be unsecured and at least one credit card debt is preferred .

Before looking for a debt settlement company do your homework and make a list of the debts, how much you can afford to pay each month and if you can include a bulk payment. This will certainly help get you worthwhile debt relief so look at what items you dont need or rarely use that you could sell.

It is surprising what is sold on Ebay at good prices, sporting equipment and household items are good for a start.

When you have selected a company you think would do a good job getting you debt relief, do check them out.

They must be able to show you they are an A rated member of the Better Business Bureau, or other credit industry related organisation.

They are well experienced in debt negotiation having been in business for several years, have assisted a large number of clients and have a supply of testimonials and case studies available to view on their website.

Are easy to contact, you should be able to do this from their website.

Staff need to show they are experienced and helpful, and that the company will act to get you debt relief quickly.

Establish what their fees are and do they have a satisfaction guarantee.

Now decide if you want to proceed for the company to act and negotiate a debt settlement for you.

My next article is what is my best choice, debt settlement or bankruptcy.

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There my No.2 choice has an excellent reputation for debt negotiation in the $2500 to $10K bracket.

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